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Our Services: What can Closet Experts do for you?

A reach-in closet Another reach-in closet

Here at Closet Experts, we can outfit your closet or pantry with many of the following features:

  • Tough, easy-to-clean material
    1. White Melamine particleboard: 3/4" thick material
    2. Strong & Durable
    3. We offer 12" deep, and 16" deep material
    4. Common Dye-lot: If for whatever reason our custom closet company is no longer in business, you can find replacement white melamine material at a local lumberyard
  • Adjustable Shelves for:
    • Tee-Shirts and Folded Items
    • Shoes and Boots of varying size
      • Remember: store your shoes toe-heel for visibility and space saving!
    • Sweater
    • 16" Deep shelving units facilitate storage for:
      • Sheets
      • Comforters
      • and much more!
  • Hanging of various types:
    • Long-hang: For dresses, long-coats, gowns. The traditional shelf-and-pole combination
    • Mid-Hang: Provides the versatility of a short/double-hang pole with the options of a full-rack of shelves
    • Double-Hang: Hang slacks over shirts or vice-versa in this handy configuration!
    • Half-Rack: as a custom closet company, extensibility is key! Shelves over a short hang which can be adjusted allow a myriad of organizing opportunities!
    • *NEW* Triple-Hang: Good for infants, poles are set on two drilled partitions allowing for scalability as your little ones grow up!
  • Baskets, Drawers, and MORE!

A front-view of a reach-in closet The perfect closet is completely organized from floor to ceiling, with every item easy to see and access. All available space is maximized while dead-zones are minimized through intuitive design. A great closet must be sculpted around the user's lifestyle as well as the unique challenges inherent to the shape of the closet itself. When the clutter-zones in a closet are eliminated, so is the urge to create clutter. A well organized closet protects your clothing and posessions, and is an excellent investment! Remember; "It's not just a closet... it's how your whole day starts!"

A few good reasons to consider Closet Experts for your closetry needs:

Same-Day On-Site Service

What does it mean to be a Same-Day service? This means that everything having to do with the design and installation of your new custom closet system is completed in a single day. Doing business this way requires intensive training for our installers because they must intuitively design, cut and install their plans to the highest level of excellence. Most of our competition have a completely different person assigned to each of those tasks, however, we have found that the best designers and builders are those who have to install their own plans, and visa-versa. We at Closet Experts of New Jersey take great pride in our craftsmen because they take great pride in their craft! Our same day custom closet service also raises our efficiency and allows us to pass the savings on to you.


It often takes a client by suprise when we come to their door. We are, indeed, a same-day service.On the schedueled day, a fully qualified designer/installer will take the time neccessary to draw (to scale) the ideal custom closet for your specific needs. If you like the plan and want us to install your new custom closet system, construction begins immediately, with our roving work-shop!


Our prices are competitive for the custom closet market in New Jersey, and quoted right over the phone. We are so confident in our pricing, that we suggest you call other companies so you can compare prices first hand!

Quality and Service

We use a "Screw/Cleat" installation system designed by our company to be superior in strength and versatility. We believe that no factory-built system can match the strength and versatility of a site-built custom closet system, organized and installed by an expert craftsman. Our custom closet work is not only an example of form and function, but artwork. Closet Experts of New Jersey has been reknown for it's service since 1985. We empty the closets for you, remove old closetry, and even provide a free service to touch-up spackle and touch-up paint--so long as you supply the paint--at no extra charge!

Closets aren't the only place in your home that collects clutter!

A home-officeA garage photographA playroom

Closet, Pantry, Home Office, Playroom, Garage: With Closet Experts, the ceiling is the limit! Call today!

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